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Aqualandia Amusement Park

Here is a sample of what you will find at this fun action packed amusement park.

Services: When entering the park you will find a wide range of services committed to making your visit more enjoyable; lockers, restaurants, information etc.

Mini Zigzag: As a previous step to bigger rides the mini zigzag satisfies all but is good step to try before been more adventurous. A harmonious slide, and then we will see...

Black Hole: Two riders at a time. One of the newest attractions in the park, specially created for those who like the adventure and who love the thrill of the unknown.

Pistas Blandas: Five fast aisles running in parallel for a ride with friends, and when you reach the bottom; you are glad it is over but what a ride! You will want to do it again.

Rapids: Everybody has fun in the Rapids. Enjoy this attraction and experience a unique ride. All together, you descend leaving yourselves to be dragged by the current. It is rafting at its best

Adventure land: This is dedicated to the younger family members. In adventure land everything is created for them. Their energy will be catered for by slides, gushing fountains, pools with balls and a childís labyrinth and more.

Laguna: Springboards, rings & nets. If you fancy yourself to be an athlete, you can show everybody what you are made of - if you dare!

Hosteleria: Rest and recover your energies from Pizza House, Barbecue, Burger Shop or a traditional 'Paella' and 'Arroz a banda'. Aqualandia has plenty of seating in its many restaurants and picnic areas.

Niagara: Niagara re-creates a beach of paradise where you can dive in calm waters or explore caves protected by waterfalls. Truly paradise

Zigzag: Criss-crossing with a constant descent, with the thrill of zigzagging. You have to try them all, five in total with their own brand of excitement.

Zonas Verdes: Aqualandia,to be complete had to be arranged with naturally shaded areas, spaces of well-cared lawn and indigenous vegetation, the park tries to help the visitor to relax and enjoy the environment and itís beauty.

Kamikaze: Does the name say it all? Dare you? You have the pleasure of speed. Fast! So intense! Thatís not all! There are two of these! After been on one dare you go on the other?

Big Bang: This is unique in Europe. Enjoy or not a set of high chutes and feel scared yet excited at the same time while you experience a free fall from an incredible height. One for the brave only!

Splash: Discover our new attraction: SPLASH, a water multitrack designed to be enjoyed with your family or friends. Jump over your track and compete with others to see who arrives first, while you experience the sheer thrill of the speed.

Anfiteatro Show: A funny jump exhibit, featuring a very special 'guestí. Not to be missed!

Atlantic Surf: A large pool or a mini sea? With increasing depth. It is a pool but it has waves. Keep an eye on the waves and do not be caught out!

Amazonas: A circular soft current, just going around, time to relax and maybe have a chat. You donít always have to take the other park rides to the limit, OR DO YOU




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