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Terra Mitica Theme Park

Terra Mitica is the first real theme park in Spain. It is not just an amusement Park. It offers all visitors something different: a theme park that recreates the lost civilisations of the Med: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and the Islands. Its main rides take you back to the myths and legends of these ancient cultures with state of the art technology, special effects, animatronics and digital imagery.

The daring can experience falling from great heights on the flight of the phoenix and great speed on one of the largest wooden roller coasters in Europe. The older visitors will enjoy the excitement and entertainment of the virtual dark rides, stories and legends told with the help of technology. Children will enjoy mini replicas of the main rides in each area. i.e. water flume, roller coaster etc.

Terra Mitica is divided into five areas, four of them surround a lake that symbolizes the Mediterranean Sea, from which emerges the fifth area, The Islands:

AREA 1.- "Egypt, Land of Pharaohs".

AREA 2.- "Greece, The home of the Gods".

AREA 3.- "Rome, The Frontier".

AREA 4.- "Iberia, The Warm Shores".

AREA 5.- "The Islands, The Great Journey".

Terra Mitica is a park for all ages due to the wide variety of its thirty rides and attractions. A small sample of some of the attractions are listed below.

Waterfalls of the Nile
Magnus Colossus
The Flight of the Phoenix
The Fury of Triton
El Tren Bravo
Rapids of Argos




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