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Many travellers have pets and maybe you want to bring your pet away with you, well the good news is times have changed and made this possible but you have to abide by certain rules. It is obvious first though that you make sure where you are staying in Spain that pets are allowed for example, hotels are not likely to allow pets-so check first!.

You can bring your dog or cat to Spain under the PETS travel scheme or with an Export Health Certificate. To qualify for a PETS certificate your pet must be:

  • Fitted with a microchip.
  • Vaccinated against rabies.
  • Blood tested.
  • Issued with an official PETS certificate.

Having enrolled your pet in the scheme they are given a new PETS certificate each time they have their rabies booster which in Spain is yearly, regardless of them having the 24 month vaccine in the UK. You can then take your pet back to the UK providing it is treated for tapeworm and ticks, and an official certificate issued by a vet between 24 and 48 hours prior to entering or checking in for travel. Six months must have passed since the pet was blood tested successfully, the date of the test will be on the certificate issued by the vet.

To qualify for an Export Health Certificate your pet must again be fitted with a microchip and vaccinated against rabies. You must then apply to DEFRA for an application form which you fill in with your pet's details and the name and address of a Licensed Veterinary Inspector to whom the form will be sent to once processed. Once you know your travel date you can make an appointment with the vet to check your pet for any infectious disease, along with checking its vaccination record and chip number. Once the certificate has been signed stamped and dated, it is valid for 10 days for you to bring your pet to Spain. Pets coming to Spain under this scheme can be blood tested and join the PETS travel scheme once they are in Spain.

More information on the PETS scheme and Export Health Certificate along with contact details can be found at http://www.defra.gov.uk. Look for the pet scheme link on the website.

Once all that is done your pet can now be brought into Spain from a number of UK airports and it is possible to fly on the same plane as your pet with Thomson Flights, Monarch Scheduled, Mytravel Lite, and British Airways into Alicante; you should check with both live cargo and passenger departments before booking either though. You must ensure that the pet has enough room to stand up and turn around in its carrier and that fresh water is available during the flight. Failure to comply with these points will result in your pet being refused travel.

There are a number of companies that work in conjunction with the airlines and if you book through them they will advise and take care of the flight documentation for you; details of a few are listed below along with airline contact details for booking your pet on a flight. Now there’s no need to be away from your loving pet! Below are some useful contacts.

British Airways Passenger Reservations and Enquiries
Tel: 0870 8509850

Ladyhaye, Lingfield, Surrey
Tel: 01342 832161
Web: http://www.ladyhaye.co.uk

Chilworth Pet Exports, Southampton
Tel: 0283 80766876
Web: http://www.petexports.com

Monarch Scheduled, Cargo
Tel: 01753 686852
Email: rob@gsaworld.com

Mytravel Lite Cargo
Tel: 0161 2326685
Email: cargo@mytravel.co.uk

PBS International Freight Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)1293 551140
Web: http://www.pbspettravel.co.uk


Whitelea Skydogs, Matlock Derbyshire
Tel: 01629 735555
Web: http://www.skydogs.co.uk






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