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Relocating To Spain

Thinking of moving here to Albir Spain?
We have covered a few subjects here that you may well need to know but please always seek further advice as we cannot cover all avenues.

Spain is still the second most popular destination, next to Australia. The first thing and best thing anyone can do is research, read all the info you can get your hands on. But nothing really can give you a true insight on living in Spain permanently, until you do.

Life here in Spain is far from what you may experience whilst on holiday. The way of life is totally different when you are working and living in Spain - not only from what you are used to, but also from what you expect - Spanish people, Spanish food, Spanish culture, and if you are not a patient person, living in Spain is not for you - waiting is definitely the name of the game here.

You will at somepoint come up against queues that never seem to go down whilst waiting for official documents you need to obtain if you are to live in spain. Some queues you might avoid by getting a notary office to chase and collect the paperwork on your behalf - these services do cost but can be worth the money sometimes.

To relocate to spain or as with anywhere in europe this has to be a joint decision, because one partner may grow deep resentment over a period of time and want to re-locate back to the uk. It is a fact the costa's does have a high number of broken relationships over this matter of who wants to stop and who wants to go back to the UK.

You need to make sure you have enough money to see you for at least 6 months - 12 months as work can be hard to get. Do not forget, unless you are fluent in Spanish there are less jobs for English speaking people only. Many jobs require Spanish, English and often German languages as a mimimum requirement. So getting a job can be tuff.

When moving to Spain and considering in which school you should place your children, you have two choices, just as you do in the UK: State Education or Private Education.

Spain is home to many nationalities and most Spanish schools have a large number of non-Spanish pupils.

The state schools in Spain are like the UK, they are free. School is compulsory from the age of 6.

Unlike the UK though, as a parent you are expected to provide basic things like pencils, pens and rulers etc. Also you are required to purchase text books for their studies, this can add up on your yearly budget and to a small fortune if you have more than one child.

British children attending Spanish school usually obtain a basic understanding of Spanish in around 4 months and are fluent within the year.

There are also a number of British / International schools with G.C.S.E subjects being taught and exams taken, these are normally private and you will have to pay, however, these schools are considerably cheaper than UK private schools.

Nurseries in Spain are plentiful. This is an ideal way to introduce your child to the Spanish language. Hours and costs may vary, though prices are very low compared to Britain. In Albir, Alfas del pi there is a British / International school called Sierra Bernia School. This school offers British education from 3 to 18 years and to pupils of all nationalities.

Starting A Business:
If you are moving to spain and thinking of starting a business, here are a few things to think about:

Buying a business in Spain can be complicated and an expensive procedure so it is a must that you seek the correct legal advice and get yourself a good agent who will help you and provide options for that business.

Anyone can buy a business in Spain, although it helps if you are from an EU country as you will have the same rights as a Spanish national.

You must have funds available to buy and support the business because Spanish banks are not likely to lend money on any business.

Two main types of buying a business in Spain are Leasehold and Freehold.

If you purchase a business freehold, it is exactly the same as buying a home in the UK. You are buying the building, bricks and mortar. You then own the property and can sell it at any time. You can also sell a lease of your own to someone else or rent it out. In some cases it is possible to raise finance to purchase a freehold. Freeholds in Spain are rising in value each year.

Buying a leasehold in Spain, wether it be a bar or a salon, this is a good way of acquiring a business without the massive outlay of a freehold and this is the preferred method for most buyers.

Disputes with your Landlord:
Your lease is a legal contract and is governed by Spanish law. If you have a disagreement with your landlord, either party can take legal action in the local court. You have rights as a tenant and your landlord has rights to protect his property.

Health care:
Health care in Spain is now rated one of the top in Europe, which is a far cry from just a few years ago. Spain can be proud of its health treatment.

Please note though that non emergency treatment is not forthcoming to foreigners so it is important you check out where you stand in the Spanish system before you move here.

If you are up to date on your payments for your stamps in the UK you should be eligable to claim upto 1 year for your medical bills. Spain will claim the costs back from the UK. You need to speak to Newcastle's head office and they should be able to inform you what you can claim for.

If you are going to work over in Spain as self employed you will need to obtain an N.I.E number (foreinger identification number) then visit the hacienda (tax office) for an Alta Viscal form. Take both of these to the social security office and obtain your social security number card which will cover you for medical treatment.

UK pensioners are entitled to cover as in the UK. The British Goverment pay Spain a lump sum yearly per pensioner. To establish entitlement you must obtain an E121 from the UK and produce it in Spain to the social security office. Pensioners and their dependents receive free medicine.

There is always private health care and many companies do offer this to the expat community. British and Spanish companies offer many policies. Please check your policies and cover because some only provide for treatment out of hospitals and only in the ambulance to the hospitals but not in the hospitals so you may end up with a huge bill.

Please note that Spanish health care does not usually extend beyond treatment and surgery within the hospitals. Once you are discharged the after care you recieve in the UK does not usually happen. It is expected of family and friends to attend your recouperating needs.

It is a brilliant lifestyle here for those who are entirely prepared for anything that Spain may throw at them, but please bear in mind that living in Spain is not all ‘sun, sea and sangria’.

To live in Spain can be very rewarding but does not always agree with some. The culture and way of life can be over powering to some. Always check your facts, how will you work to support yourselves, what you can and cannot claim and above all do has much research as possible.




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